Spectrum Community School

Social Studies 11 Course Outline

Mrs. Ractliffe

Room 159


Welcome to Social Studies 11. The following is an overview of course content, format and expectations.

Textbooks:     ‘Counter-Points: Exploring Canadian Issues’

Please Note: textbooks will be provided. Students are responsible for insuring their textbooks are kept in the condition in which they were given.


Philosophy:    It is my opinion that students are most successful when they are able to engage with the curriculum. As such, the classroom needs to be a safe environment where everyone is free to express themselves in a respectful way.



Overview:       Socials 11 is divided into three major units of study.

1.      Politics and Government. An overview of political systems, structure of power, the legislative process, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the principles of law and justice.

2.      Twentieth Century Canadian History. A social, political, economic and cultural history of Canada from World War One until present day

3.      Geography. A look into Canada’s natural environment (and related issues), population growth, resource development and global disparities.


Evaluation:    The students’ will be evaluated throughout the term in a variety of ways. These marks are represented by the class work percentage of their overall grade. The breakdown of evaluation is listed below.




Class Work


Unit Tests


Provincial Exam

20 %




Assignments:  All students are expected to complete all of their assignments and hand them in on time. If for a valid reason the student is not able to complete an assignment on time an extension may be granted in special circumstances. This requires a note from a parent explaining the special circumstances involved. Failure to hand in an assignment on time may result in a deduction or a zero for that assignment. Students are responsible for any tests or work missed due to absence or illness. It is the student’s responsibility to determine what they missed and insure that this work is completed. Tests may not be retaken.




·         Be in attendance and on time

·         Bring the necessary materials to class

·         Complete the necessary work

·         Comply with the classroom rules



Course Site:   Parents and students can get up to date information on this course and homework assignments by visiting my webpage.



Should you have any questions/concerns regarding the course outline please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone through the school (main office) Phone: 479-827.  Ex.  # 159.



Thank you for your support,


Mrs. Ractliffe