Forging a Nation
The Creation of Canada's National IdentityLike people nations have distinct personalities. The purpose of this assignment is to explore what makes Canada different from other countries. What is the nature of our cultural personality and how did we grow into the country that you live in today. This is an interactive group based assignment. You will be required to produce a four square visual depiction of the conclusions you draw about Canadian identity as well as a brief description of Canada’s Identity as your group sees it. You must include an exploration of the following topics and their effect on the forging of Canadian identity and culture.

Please examine the affects of the following:

  1. The Role of Women including, but not limited to: The right to vote, (suffrage) their role in politics, prohibition in WWI, equal rights.
  2. The creation of Social Services, (Welfare State) Development of the third party system (how did the depression effect Canada’s political identity, including government intervention) attitudes toward collective bargaining, workers’ rights
  3. Health Care, O.A.P. and Employment insurance
  4. Development of the CBC, NFB, CRTC, Canada Council
  5. Immigration including: immigration restrictions and laws involving Chinese and other Asian immigrants, the change in the immigration system including the points system
  6. Canada’s treatment of minority groups through out the 20th Century including: restrictions on voting, Japanese internment, aboriginal issues (self-government, reserves, treaty making and residential schools.)
  7. French/English relations: The Official Languages Act (bilingualism and biculturalism commission, bilingual labelling) Sovereignty referenda, October Crisis, Bloc Québécois, affect of Meech Lake and Charletown Accords
  8. Development of Regionalism: NEP, The Collapse of the Cod Fishery in the Atlantic region, Equalization payments
  9. Development of the Canadian cultural image: Canadian Flag, the Maple leaf, “O Canada,” Canadian Council for the Arts, Juno Awards
  10. Canada’s role on the international scene: Peacekeeping, involvement in WWI and WWII. International humanitarian work, role as a middle power.

Including your groups opinion of the above topics explain how these developments and decisions have contributed to the Canadian Identity. Write a description of Canada’s identity making reference to the above topics. When you have finished the written portion complete a four square visual of your concept of Canada’s identity:

Two Thesis statements

A Summery of Canada’s Identity

One Graph

A Poem