Government Notes

        Power Points

The Political Spectrum Due Tuesday Sept 20th
Branches Not Due/ Not assigned
Executive Branch Ms Winks Not Due/ Not assigned
Branches of Government Ms Winks Not Due/ Not assigned
Branches of Government in Canada: Overview Due
The Legislative Branch Due
The Judicial Branch Due
The Executive Branch Due
The Levels of Government Due
The Canadian Constitution Due
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms Due
Law and the Legal System in Canada Not assigned
The Government and you. The Election Process Due

Government Assignments:

Personal Political Identity Please examine the parties that currently hold seats in the House of Commons(Federal) and The Legislative Assembly (Provincial.). Follow the links provided and read the party platforms . For each political party that you examine you must explain why that party would earn or lose your vote.When you are done you must write a paragraph for your top picks federally and provincially. Due Monday Sept 26
Read page 231 and in a well written paragraph answer the question. Is the Senate worth keeping? In addition to the text refer to your notes and the class discussion for your answer. Due Friday Sept 30
Political Spectrum Quotes Not assigned
Questions on Branches of Government Part One Not Assigned
Questions on Branches of Government Part Two Not Assigned
Questions and Essay assignment on Charter of Rights and Freedoms Not Assigned
House of Commons Diagram
Trading Cards Political Identity Assignment Not Assigned

Read Pages 220-226 answer questions 3,5,6 p. 226 Due Tuesday 20th Sept


Read Pages 226-233. Answer questions: Reading a Map p. 230, 2 p. 231, 1,2 p. 233. Due


Read pages 234-247 P. 239, Q. #4 and developing understanding,. 240 #2 a, 3, 4 a-c.Page 244: Thinking Critically Due




P247 #1,2,3 Developing understanding, P.250: Both thinking critically questions, P. 253 # 1-4, P. 254 Reading a table #1-4 Due





P 255: Identifying Viewpoint, P 258: #1+2, P. 264 #1, P. 267 #1, P. 268. #2+5 Due