History Notes

Social Studies 11





Pre-World War 1
Early 1900's photos of Canada

Canada in the Early 20th Century

Due Monday Oct 24th

Then and Now

MANIA 2011

Due Monday Oct 24


World War 1

Causes of WWI

Due Monday Oct 24th

Training the Troops Ms. Winks Not assigned
New Technology Ms. Winks Not assigned
Battles of WWI Ms Winks Not assigned
The 1920's Ms. Winks Not assigned

World War I Battles and Events

Due Monday Oct 24th

New Technology WWI

Due Monday Oct 24th

The Big Picture Military History: an Overview Due Not assigned
Canada's response to WWI Not assigned
Canada's military involvement WWI not assigned

The War on the Home Front World War I Due Friday Oct 28th

World War I the End of the War Due Friday Oct 28th

Canada in the Roaring 20's Due Friday Oct 28th
Introduction/Lead up to Depression Due Friday Nov 4th

From Boom to Bust has been combined with the Depression of the 1930's notes, you will need to know the business cycle and include it in your Depression of the 1930's notes Due Friday Nov 4th
The Depression of the 1930's Due Friday Nov 4th
The Great Depression Statistics Due Thursday Nov 10th
The Depression of the 1930's Government Response Not assigned
New Radio New Parties New World Order Due Thursday Nov 10th
The Great Depression Effect on Canadians Due

World War 2
Canada in the 30's the build up to WWII Due 18th Nov
Major Military and Political leaders WWII Due 18th Nov
World War 2 Big One Due Monday 28th Nov
The Battles of World War II Due
WWII time line of the War
WWII the War at home Due
The Holocaust: tragic legacy
Time Line of Holocaust Due

Cold War
End of WWII Start of Cold War Due
The Cold War Abroad Due Tuesday
Canada post WWII and the Cold War

60's and 70's, 80's and 90's
Canada in 60's and 70's Due
Canada in the 80's and 90's Due

Social Justice
Women's Rights Due
Quebec Nationalism and Canadian Identity Due
Aboriginal Issues Due
History of Immigration Due
Timeline of Canada's independence from Britain

History Assignments

Questions on M.A.N.IA Due Please inclued in MANIA notes
Baptism by Fire Canadians in WWI Due
Analyzing Posters
Analyzing Posters group work
Build It to Use It WWI
World War II and Cold War Questions
Women's Suffrage Questions
History Through Poetry: Women's Suffrage and the King vs Byng controversy
Compare and Contrast Wilson's 14 points and the Treaty of Versailles
The League of Nations Questions
The Great Depression Questions
World War Two Questions
Aboriginal Issues: Primary Research assignment
Canada's time line of independence
On-To-Ottawa Trek Video Response Sheet Due Thursday Nov 10th
The Humiliating Journal Entry
Depression by Numbers
Battle of Britain and Atlantic video response sheet Due
Canadians in Hong Kong video response sheet Due
The Canadians in Italy: the Forgotten Army video response sheet
Video Response Sheet: Canadians in Normandy, D-Day
World War II propaganda worksheet
Analyzing Print Documents World War One Poetry Assignment
Women's Rights Video Response Sheet
Map of Cold War Alignments

Read pages 1-47

Answer Questions Page. 9. #2+3, Page 11.# 1+2, Page 13 #3+4, Page 16. # 2+3, Page 17. #1+2, Page 18. #5+6,

Page 28. #3+4, Page 33. # 3, Page 39. # 1+4, Page 42. # 1+4 and the gathering information question, Page 44. #1, Due Oct 28th

Read Pages 47-61

Answer Questions:Page. 47 # 3, 4a and #5 Page 51. 1, 2 a,b and for # 3 explain what the significance of the citizen committee of one thousand was) , page 56 #1,a,b,2 and # 3, p.61 # 1-3. Due Nov 4th/2011

Read Pages 62-73

Answer Questions: page 65. # 1,2a, 3 , page 67 # 1 , 3 page 68 # 1,2 , page 72. #1 - 3 Due Nov 7th/2011

Read Pages 74-85 Answer Questions: 1a,b, and 2 p.79. 1-4 p 81. 1-4 p. 85, Due Monday Nov 14th

Read Pages 85-98 answer Questions: p 86-98. 1,2,4 p. 86, 1,2 p. 89, 1-3 p. 90, 1-5 p. 98 Due Monday Nov 14th

Read Pages 100-110 Answer Questions #1-4 p.105 and Reading a map p.109, # 1-3 all p. 110 Due

Read Pages 111-128 Answer Questions 1-3 a-e p.114 reading a historical map, 1-4 page 121. 1-4, page 122, 1-3 page. 125, 1-3 page 127. 1-4, page 128. Due

Read Pages 130- 151 and answer questions 1-4 page 135, 1-5 (all) page 139, 1,2 page 141, 1-4,5 page 146 1-4 page 150. Due

Read Pages: 152-200 Answer Questions # 3 p. 155, 1-5 p. 156. 5,6 p. 159 2,5,6 p. 167 1-3 p. 172 1,2a,b p. 176. 2-4a, P.182, 1-5p.187, 1-3, p. 189,1-5 all,p.194 1-5 all P. 197, 1-3,5all, p. 200 Due

Read Pages 200-216: Answer Questions: 1-5,p.204, 1-5p. 206, 2,p.207, 1a,b,4 all 5-6, p.216.Due